A delectable trip down memory lane

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Featured A delectable trip down memory lane

The old adage, ‘like a kid in a candy store’ could not ring more true when you step into Sweet Surprises on High Street, Penrith. Whether you are looking for those liquorice treats your grandmother used to give you or the latest, tastiest candies from around the world, Sweet Surprises has something for you.

Sweet Surprises believe chocolate should be intriguing, inspiring and appealing, whether you’re enjoying quiet time alone or giving a gift to show how much you care about someone.

There is nothing more satisfying than picking out the perfect sweet treat to give to a loved one; watching dad devour his favourite sherbert lollies, your partner eating her favourite brand of chocolate, or giving your nephew their first taste of Hershey’s.

Step into the delightful store on High Street and be overwhelmed by the delicious scent of candies and chocolates and delectable range of goodies.

There are over 2,500 product lines in store so be prepared to wander through and let your eyes dance over the enormous range of gourmet groceries like sauces, cereals, spreads, vegetables, salsas, mustards, mayonnaise and of course, everyone’s favourite, candy.

Reminisce with a packet of Tilley’s old-fashioned boiled sweets like Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberry and Cream, Rosey Apple, Strawberry Sherbets or Sarsaparilla just to name a few.

Or if at night the family would share Cadbury chocolates before watching the late night movie, why not have a look at the Nestle Quality Streets Tin, filled with a classic selection of assorted milk and dark chocolate and famous toffees.

Spoil yourself with Red Vines Original Red Twists, America’s most famous licorice. And don’t forget to marvel at the range of Twizzlers, combining a mixture of strawberry, orange, lemonade, blue raspberry, watermelon and grape flavours.

All your favourite American sweets are available right here in Penrith too – the team has travelled all around America, UK and New Zealand to personally bring you distinctive confectionery and world famous brand names.
Sweet Surprises has a lip-smacking range of Pop Tarts, Hershey’s chocolates, chocolate toppings and syrups, Reese’s Peanut Buttercups, Kool Aid and more.

And if you feel like you need to balance out the sweets with something savoury, why not try Sweet Surprises’ exotic range of pantry goods from the UK like Heinz Sandwich Spread, Walkers Crisps and England’s number one tea PG Tips.

From the USA there’s Franks Red Hot Sauce, Stubbs Famous sauce range and Heinz Sweet Relish perfect for hot dogs.

For a delightful trip down memory lane, or to give someone special delectable, new memories, visit Sweet Surprises at 470 High Street, Penrith.